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Dominican Republic

North America / Dominican Republic

Why go to the Dominican Republic?

The most visited country in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic tops many tropical wish lists. And no wonder: this is a classic kind of paradise, where coconut palms sway over pearly white sands and sunshine bounces off clear turquoise waters.

When it comes to Self Catering holidays in the Dominican Republic, you can definitely believe the hype.

Splash out or keep costs down

Occupying the eastern two-thirds of Hispaniola, an island shared with the Republic of Haiti, the Dominican Republic is a lot more than a cheap package holiday hub. It’s a place of multiple personalities, whether you’re looking to live it up in a luxury all-inclusive or get down to a do-it-yourself adventure, the Dominican Republic can come up with the goods.

Beach in the Dominican Republic

Here, paradise comes with a refreshing range of price tags. So will you hunker down in cheap digs or spoil yourself with a luxurious stay holiday villa?

Explore the wilder side of paradise

Framed by the Caribbean to the south and the Atlantic to the north, the country’s coastline is dotted with hidden coves, fishing villages and long stretches of perfect sand. But beyond the beaches, the island also has a natural wonderland of waterfalls, deserts, mountains and jungles carpeted with wild orchids.

Dominican Republic mountains

Zip-line through rainforest treetops, spot green cockatoos in the canopy, speed about in a dune buggy or snorkel with barracuda in bright blue water. If you’re after an active getaway, a holiday to the Dominican Republic will deliver.

Enjoy history and parties – side by side

Mixing natural beauty with Afro-Latino buzz, holidays in the Dominican Republic are pretty hard to beat. Christopher Columbus washed up on these shores way back in 1492, making Santo Domingo, the capital, one of the oldest cities in the New World.

Columbus Statue, Santo Domingo

There are spots of historical interest to be found everywhere among its cobblestone alleys and Spanish colonial churches, while old men clack dominos on street corners and bachata music blares from passing cars. Life is celebrated on a daily basis, so grab a rum punch and join the party.

When to go

With an average temperature of 28C, there’s never a terrible time to visit. High season runs from mid-December to February, with another spike during July and August, when prices for all-inclusive holidays in the Dominican Republic are hiked up and sunbathers pack the beaches.

Hurricane season stretches from August to December, but if you’re willing to take a gamble, you’ll find seriously cheap deals up for grabs in 2017. March to July offers the perfect compromise, with mostly dry weather and plenty of space on the sand: the best of both worlds as far as holiday deals are concerned.

Events for your diary

Santo Domingo Carnival: Cut straight to the soul of the country by taking a holiday to the Dominican Republic in February, for the Santo Domingo Carnival. Expect flamboyant parades, live music, street parties and a never-ending river of rum punch.

La Vega Festival: Also held during February, the La Vega Festival showcases the flipside of Dominican culture. Celebrating the country’s African heritage, it’s a wild medley of colourful masks and Caribbean beats that coincides with Independence Day, doubling both the occasion and the fun.


Things to know about...

Dominican Republic

Currency: Dominican Peso (RD$)

Language: Spanish

Key phrase to learn: Esta bien heavy mano (That is cool bro)

International phone code: +1

Emergency services number: 911

Public holidays: New Year’s Day (January 1), Epiphany (January 6), Our Lady of Altagracia (January 21), Duarte’s Day (January 25), Independence Day (February 27), Good Friday (Friday before Easter Sunday), Labor Day (May 1), Corpus Christi (May 26), Restoration Day (August 16), Our Lady of Las Mercedes (September 24), Constitution Day (November 6), Christmas Day (December 25)